Current Exhibits

Studebaker’s “Cousins”

June 28, 2014 through October 19, 2014.

Studebaker’s “Cousins” presents some of Studebaker’s corporate relatives, such as Packard, Pierce-Arrow, STP and more! The exhibit will feature some of finest examples of Packard and Pierce-Arrow automobiles and also look at some of Studebaker’s subsidiary companies such as STP and Paxton Products.

Studebaker Super Service Center

Ongoing Exhibition. The Studebaker Super Service Center is now open! This fun, interactive exhibit is designed for children ages 3 to 10! Studebaker Super Service Center is sure to put a smile on any child’s face as they pretend to work on an automobile. Click here to view a brochure about the Studebaker Super Service Center or click here to view photos of the the exhibit.

The Presidential Carriage Collection

Ongoing Exhibition. The Studebaker National Museum is home to four of the presidential carriages: The Grant, Harrison, Lincoln and McKinley carriages. Read more.

Coming soon…

Assembly Line

October 3, 2014 – January 4, 2015
Everyone knows that the assembly line was made famous by Henry Ford to manufacture the Model T. By the creation of the assembly line Ford was seeing output and profit on an unimaginable scale. The effectiveness and efficiency of this new model was quickly realized and soon adopted as the standard across the automotive manufacturing field. Follow the evolution of the assembly line from the days of the Model T and how Studebaker’s plants employed it to build South Bend’s finest cars and trucks.

Vintage Motorcycles

November 14, 2014 – May 10, 2015
Guests will be able view two –wheeled classics from 20th Century America. From Indian to Harley Davidson Vintage Motorcycles will showcase the raw beauty of America’s golden years of motor biking.