The 1912 Cadillac: A Self-Starter

1912 Cadillac
Feb 13, 2019 In a major way the advent of the autonomous vehicles today compares closely with the arrival of the controversial horseless carriage over a century ago.  Initially neither innovation was broadly embraced by the general public. The debate at the turn of the 20th century was why buy one of those ... Read More → Read More

The Jeep in World War II

Feb 11, 2019 The Jeep was the result of a request by the Army  in 1940 for a general purpose vehicle that was small, lightweight, had four-wheel drive for cross-country travel, and capable of carrying a light machine gun. Initially, only two companies provided vehicles to meet this requirement: American Bantam ... Read More → Read More

The Curved Dash Oldsmobile: Putting America on Wheels

Curved Dash Oldsmobile
Jan 28, 2019 R. E. Olds was born and raised in Ohio and eventually settled in Lansing, Michigan where he founded the Olds Motor Company on August 21, 1897. The company was bought by a copper and lumber magnate named Samuel L. Smith in 1899 and renamed the Olds Motor Works. The new company was relocated from Lans... Read More → Read More

Welcome to the Blog!

Jan 24, 2019 From time to time, the Museum needs more space for articles and content that doesn't fit onto our social media pages or another part of our website.  Thus, we have created this blog!  Enjoy the articles we write, the links we share, and the content we ask you to contribute as well. Our first se... Read More → Read More