Presentation, “The Lives of Lincoln and Colfax,” featuring Ann Leonard

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 @ 1:30 in the Wiekemp Auditorium;
Admission is $2, free for members of the Studebaker National Museum or Museum Campus.

Join local Schuyler Colfax expert Ann Leonard, whose work was published by the Lincoln Memorial University and who is an affiliated scholar of Indiana University South Bend, as she presents a look at how South Bend’s Schuyler Colfax intersected with President Abraham Lincoln.

Colfax and Lincoln lived in an era that saw young agricultural America grow into an industrial age. Abraham Lincoln was born in a cabin; Schuyler Colfax in New York City. Through letters, newspapers, books, and pictures, Ann Leonard shows how Colfax was a mismatch for the highly intelligent, introspective and melancholy lawyer Lincoln. And yet these two very different men intersected and impacted each other and the nation for eighteen years, culminating in the years Colfax was Speaker of the House of Representatives and Lincoln President of the United States.

This program is only $2, or free for members of the Studebaker National Museum or Museums at West Washington Campus.

Join us for a look at two legendary local historical figures.

Presentation, “The Last Full Measure: Lincoln’s Final Hours,” with special guest Fritz Klein

Thursday, September 10, 2015 @ 6pm in the Wiekemp Auditorium;
Adult admission is $15, $10 for members of the Studebaker National Museum or Museum Campus, and $5 for students (including college age with valid student ID).

Join us as we welcome Fritz Klein, one of the nation’s preeminent Abraham Lincoln portrayers, for his magnificent performance of, “The Last Full Measure: Lincoln’s Final Hours.”

Written by renowned Illinois playwright Dr. Ken Bradbury, “The Last Full Measure: Lincoln’s Final Hours” is a glimpse into Abraham Lincoln’s final hours. The performance speculates as to what may have passed through the heart and soul of Abraham during those final hours. It is a gripping one act play that will leave you breathless, and talking about it for days after.

Fritz Klein has been a full-time actor and speaker for many years, performing as Lincoln in 43 states and internationally as well. He resides in Springfield, Illinois where he performs at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, as well as many other venues around the country.

The Museum will open at 6pm for check-in and to enjoy light refreshments (cookies, punch). Guests will also have the opportunity to see the major exhibition, “Lincoln’s Final Journey: A Nation Mourns,” before the performance begins at 7pm.

The evening promises to be a unique experience for families and individuals to see Lincoln as he experiences the tragedy that befell him 150 years ago on April 14, 1865.

Tickets are $15 for adult non-members, $10 for members, and $5 for students (including college with valid student ID). Buy them online now by clicking here, or contact George Garner at or (574) 235-9716.

Presentation, “President Lincoln’s Barouche,” featuring Andrew Beckman

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 @ 1:30 in the Wiekemp Auditorium;
Admission is $2, free for members of the Studebaker National Museum or Museum Campus.

Join author and Studebaker National Museum Archivist Andrew Beckman in an informative session filled with little known facts about President Lincoln’s carriage.

Mr. Beckman has been involved with the conservation and preservation of this carriage since his first day at the Museum in 1999. This program shares the carriage’s unique story of how it came from delivering Lincoln to Ford’s Theatre in 1865, to an important piece in the Studebaker National Museum collection.

The Studebaker National Museum is the proud home of the world’s largest Presidential Carriage Collection, which includes President Ulysses Grant’s Landau, President William McKinley’s Phaeton, and President Benjamin Harrison’s Brougham.